Our Parish Priest

Fr. David Chinnery

Born and raised in Eccles, Greater Manchester, to Tommy and Sarah his parents and with Stephen and Ann-Marie his younger brother and sister, respectively, David served at his local parish of St. Mary’s from the age of seven to eighteen and All Saints Franciscan Friary, Barton on the first Saturday of each month.  He attended St. Patrick’s R.C. High School, Winton, De La Salle College, Weaste and Salford College.

In 1995 Bishop Kelly accepted David to study for the priesthood and was sent to Campion House, Osterley for a year and to St. Cuthbert’s Seminary, Ushaw, Durham for six years where he was ordained Deacon in 2001 by Archbishop Kelly.  The following year he was ordained

priest in his home parish of St. Mary’s, Eccles on 7th December 2002 by Bishop Brain.

Fr. David’s ministry has been varied and has reached from one end of the Diocese to the other.  From 2002 to 2005 he served as an assistant priest to Fr. Brendan Curley at St. Cuthbert’s Church, Withington in South Manchester and as a chaplain to The Christie with the late Fr. Dave McGarry.  Bishop Brain then appointed Fr. David hospital chaplain to the Royal Blackburn where he served for 6 years.  He also took up assistant appointments at St. Joseph’s, Darwen to Fr. David Foster from 2005 – 2006 and St. Peter in Chains’ to Fr. Stephen Doyle and later to Fr. Tony Dutton from 2006 – 2009.  The last two years were spent as priest in charge of Holy Family in Blackburn at St. Joseph’s presbytery.

In the Summer of 2011 Fr. David was appointed assistant priest to Fr. Paul Mitcheson at St. Wilfrid’s, Longridge.  After Fr. Paul retired at Easter 2012, Fr. David was made parish priest.  Two years to the date, Fr. Foster retired from Ss. Peter and Paul’s, Ribchester for Fr. David to take charge.  The following year in the December of 2015, the late Fr. Anthony Grimshaw retired from St. Mary’s, Chipping for a short retirement, God rest his soul.  Help came from Fr. Peter Gooden for 8 months as Fr. David was appointed parish priest.

Fr. David looks forward to seeing the three parishes and Lee House, Centre of Mission, become one parish under the patronage of Blessed Thomas Cottam, a Jesuit Martyr, born and raised on Longridge Fell and meeting point of the three parishes.